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It's Morning in Today's Financial Services Industry

The Financial Services Industry is expansive and complex. Working with a fee only financial planner can go a long way towards keeping things reasonably simple.


CIM provides fee-only investment management and related personal financial services built on a fiduciary based advisory relationship. We offer an investment alternative to hopelessly piecemeal stand-alone financial products often sold on a commission basis.  Selling nothing but our services, we deal in no products, and accept compensation from no one but our clients.  CIM is registered as an investment adviser with the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities.

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The financial markets, or at least the stock market, is not for everybody. Good things can be said about the security of bank accounts and certificates of deposit, but only if you ignore inflation, which is not a good idea. In addition, interest rates on bank accounts are currently very low and are expected to stay that way for awhile. Having a diversified and balanced portfolio should be the goal.


Our fee is a percentage of the assets under management.  As our company name implies, we provide investment management in conjunction with financial advisory services, which includes help with tax, insurance, budgeting, retirement, and estate planning.  There is no separate fee for advisory services.

Please review this website and our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. If you still have questions or would like to discuss your specific situation, please contact Mercedes Petrellis at or 610-960-1068. 

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Harry McCullough, CFP, CPA

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