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Inflation at Vanguard

July 2023

Customers with an aggregate investment in Vanguard funds of at least $1,000,000 are designated Flagship. They get discounts on certain brokerage fees and can send and receive on line messages to Vanguard. They lost a special phone number to call and they were not charged for mailed statements. They also used to have a designated contact person with whom they could schedule a telephone appointment. Two years ago the designated person went away unless you have $5,000,000 invested in Vanguard funds. One million to five million is an increase of 500%. Now that’s inflation.

Effective September 1, customers with less than $5,000,000 in Vanguard non retirement brokerage funds will be charged $25 per year per account if they want confirms, statements and fund information mailed to them. That’s up from a $20 fee introduced within the last two years. You will not be charged if you elect to have tax forms mailed to you. Statements, etc. can be viewed on line. It’s a matter of whether you or Vanguard are going to print them. Or maybe they just won’t ever be printed.

The details on service fees vary depending on the type of account. Vanguard reserves the right to periodically amend or cancel qualifications, features and benefits at anytime without prior notification.


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